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Our services include:

Business Development
Music Licensing
Artist & DJ Booking
Production Placement
Radio + Playlist Promotion

In addition to a multitude of additional offerings that are customized based on the needs of the client and their respective budgets.

Grindaholiks Sync

We help artists, producers and djs monetize their music and make money through our Grindaholiks Sync division which focuses on licensing their music into video games, commercials, film & television. Grindaholiks Sync offers a bundled service to all artists who join the annual program. 

We have placed our clients music across several multi billion networks including Spike, BET, MTV, VH1, CBC, CTV, Oxygen, UBIOSOFT and VICE 

To learn more about this service email You can send us your music by emailing 


Grindaholiks Music Group

While our Grindaholiks Music Group books artists and djs for paid performs within the club, college and university community. Grindaholiks Music Group will also service our producer clients music for placement opportunities. Producers will be able to connect with upcoming artists searching for production and all record labels clamouring for next level beat merchants to pair with their rosters. To learn more about this service email You can send us your music by emailing please include your EPK, social media accounts, and streaming links to your music portfolio.

The Grindaholiks Music Group will also oversee the creation of concert series, seminars, workshops and events for all in the music business.

Get In Touch.

Get In Touch.